Kitchen Manager Pastry Chef

Kitchen Manager – Pastry Chef
The Kitchen Manager position is an entry level management position designed to train and mentor future salaried kitchen managers. Kitchen Managers will be responsible for overseeing the opening or closing process of the kitchen. Additionally, to learn the fundamentals of kitchen management.
As a Kitchen Manager you will work closely with senior level kitchen management and are expected to learn and grow in this position. You will be expected to be engaged in your job and contribute to the overall success of the kitchen. You will not know the right answer to every problem that may arise and are expected to communicate with your superiors for guidance when needed.
The Pastry Chef is to prepare a variety of desserts, pastries, or other sweet goods. Your skills in these areas should be matched by your creativity to develop new and high-quality recipes. The goal of this position is to be passionate about the masterpieces you create and go beyond our membership’s expectations. In this position you are to understand and appreciate flavor pairings and have a good aesthetic sense of food and pastry presentation.

Job Duties (included, but are not limited to)
•This a full-time hourly position based upon an average 35-40 hour week work. Overtime will be required during peak season and holidays.
•Responsible for managing the closing of the club’s kitchens. This includes Terrace Grill, The Banquet Kitchen, Snack Shack, and 14th Stand. Must adhere to the standards set by the Executive Chef, Executive Sous Chef and/or Sous Chef. Must be flexible to work other shifts when required.
•Always maintain food quality, timeliness, and consistency to the best possible standard through expediting service.
•Complete required prep lists and kitchen manager report daily as specified by the Executive Chef, Executive Sous Chef and/or Sous Chef.
•Assist in managing and training of the line cooks, prep cooks, and dishwashers to make sure they are completing their required job duties. This will include covering line cook shifts, prep cook shifts and/or dishwasher shifts when needed. Guide and motivate kitchen staff to work more efficiently. Train kitchen staff on bakery and kitchen standards and supervise daily projects.
•Assist the Executive Chef, Executive Sous Chef and/or Sous Chef in ordering and receiving products through multiple purveyors.
•Help contribute to the planning weekend features, amuse bouche, specialized banquets/events and Terrace Grill, Snack Shack and 14th Stand offerings. Develop/create new seasonal and exciting recipes & desserts that engage our membership and keep up with latest trends. Tastes all products produced to assess quality.
•Lead banquets and/or events when needed.
•Assist with month end inventory as required by the Executive Chef, Executive Sous Chef and/or Sous Chef.
•Respond to emails on a regular basis and be active in clubhouse communication.
•Assist in always promoting and maintaining a professional work culture. All kitchen management will follow all guidelines and policies provided by the employee handbook.
•Operate and manage the pastry section of a kitchen, working together with the other chefs
•Ensure the bakery section of the kitchen adheres to health and safety regulations. Help maintain the club’s kitchens at an “A” grade from the Iowa Health Department at all times. This will include completing daily line checks and cooler logs.
•Proven experience as a pastry chef, baker, or relevant role with great attention to detail. Decorate pastries using a variety of icings, toppings, culinary methods
•Meeting with our members/catering director to discuss details/planning of custom-mase desserts for special occasions.
•Maintains accurate counts on all food items prepared ensuring no discrepancies in amounts of food needed vs amounts prepared. Plans schedule for all baked goods to always maintain an inventory of fresh items.

Job Type: Full-time (35-40 Hours/Week + Overtime During Peak Season & Holidays)
Pay: From $18.00 per hour

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Hiring Manager: Haley Clark | 515-285-4965, ext. 255

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